Bone Creeper Omega Bone Creepers
Omega Bone Creepers

The Bone-ster™ Mechanics Creeper

Who says small can't be strong? The Bone-ster may be our littlest creeper, but its double-ribbed body gives it an incredible 400 pound capacity!

3 inch diameter wheels with grippy tires glide smoothly over shop floors, even if the surface is less than perfect!

The Bone™ Mechanics Creeper

Our most popular product, the Bone has been around since 1994 and continues to impress with its big 5 inch diameter wheels that roll over just about anything that can be found in a shop, from nuts and bolts to drop cords and floor drains!

The Rough Rider™ Mechanics Creeper

The Rough Rider is a beefed up version of the Bone, made specifically to be used outdoors in less than ideal conditions. Extremely popular with military, police and other government agencies in the US and Canada.

The Rough Rider is designed to be used on extremely rough pavement, dirt, and even grass and gravel with a firm substrate!

The Tail Bone™ Mechanics Seat

The Tail Bone is a BIG mechanics seat that puts you at a low 12 inches off the ground, perfect for any low job you can think of. Need to change brakes? Wash your wheels? Polish the side of your car? Paint some floorboards? The Tail Bone is the seat for you!

The extra stable tripod design and 32 inch wide base make it the most stable mechanics seat on the market!

The Tail Bone™ Rough Rider Mechanics Seat

The Tail Bone Rough Rider has all the features of the standard Tail Bone, but uses the wheels from the Rough Rider creeper, sitting you an extra inch higher off the ground, giving it extra ground clearance and allowing it to be used in outdoor conditions.

This is the go anywhere mechanics seat. Do you hate other seats on the market that flip over easily and get stuck on even the smallest pebble? Get a Tail Bone Rough Rider and forget about those problems!



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